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What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  It is a neurobehavioural childhood disorder that persists into adulthood. ADHD is characterised by a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that can interfere with an individual's daily functioning and quality of life depending on the level of impairment.  There is often an association with anxiety, mood variability and sleep issues.

Medication can be helpful but is only part of a broad management plan. The first step is an accurate diagnosis and exclusion of other conditions that require initial treatment.  A psychiatrist will prescribe the most appropriate ADHD medication taking into account a number of factors including any potential issues such as pre-exisiting medical conditions that may limit some treatments.

Psychology, ADHD coaching and lifestyle strategies remain important management strategies.

Your journey to thriving with ADHD starts here.

Curious about whether you are on the ADHD Spectrum?

See your  treating GP for referral options.

Overview of pathways for psychiatrist appointment:

  1. Age 18 years and over with a diagnosis prior to age 18 and relevant documentation -  additional psychology report may not be required.  Appointment subject to availability and fulfilling practice safety requirements
  2. Age 18 years and older without a previous diagnosis - psychology assessment and report required.  Appointment subject to availability and fulfilling practice safety requirements

Overview of pathways for psychology assessment:

  1. We offer a self-referral option for assessments.  A referral is not required to schedule an assessment and report.  Once you have obtained your report you can discuss referral options to a psychiatrist with your GP if you are seeking further review and medication options.
  2. Please note, due to capacity it is not possible to offer an appointment with psychiatry at emmeco for all psychology reports that are completed by our independent clinicians.  Your GP remains central to you care, so if you obtain a provisional diagnosis of ADHD please be aware of this when considering psychiatry referral options

Psychiatry appointments - what to expect

  1. Initial appointment to review your report and develop a management plan (45-50 minutes).  There is a standard set of pre-medication GP and other checks that are required including a urine drug screen.
  2. Medication commencement appointments  (20-25 minutes).  These occur monthly until the medication working well.
  3. Medication stability appointments (20-25 minutes).  These occur every 3 months until medication is stable (i.e. no change required).
  4. Medication review - 6 or 12 month interval.  This is determined at an individual level.  If no medication change is required after 6 month review, we request your GP then write to the practice to seek shared-prescribing which will allow an annual psychiatry review.
  5. Annual review - we require a new referral from your GP with information about your general health including an annual urine drug screen.

Want to know more? Contact our friendly reception team Ph: (07) 3193 3381 or admin@emmeco.com.au.

Therapy at emmeco

If you are seeking expert guidance and compassionate care to support your ADHD journey, the exceptional team of clinical psychologist's at emmeco offer Focussed Psychology Appointments with immediate availability.

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