Dr Theodoratos practice information summary

Virtual online clinic


ADHD assessment and management


  1. Childhood diagnosis. Past paediatrician or psychiatrist letters are required or assessment is considered a NEW assessment (see below)


  1. NEW assessment.


  1. No psychology report
    1. Initial assessment (1 hour) then referral for psychology assessment
    2. After report received, up to 2 further assessments (1 hour each)
  • If appropriate, medication appointments will be scheduled (30 minutes)
  1. Psychiatry review every 12-24 months when medication stable


  1. Psychology report stating potential ADHD
    1. Psychology report will be reviewed to ensure is comprehensive enough to incorporate into assessment. Admin fee applies.
    2. If suitable, appointments will be offered as in 2(a)
  • If not suitable, will be advised. First assessment appointment will be arranged to determine next steps


  1. Psychology reports – if you would like to be referred for a psychology report prior to your first appointment please enquire as we can provide suitable options


  1. We do not take over care if previously diagnosed elsewhere unless full correspondence is available. Subject to appointment availability.


Other assessments (not ADHD):


  1. Assessment to determine management plan (up to 3 one hour assessment visits)
  2. Shared care with GP
  3. Medication review appointments if not suitable for GP care
  4. Return to shared care with GP as soon as ongoing management can be continued with GP
  5. NDIS report writing requires full assessment to be completed. Report writing fees available on request.




Please enquire if you have any further questions.